Reply Assistant can automatically detect the name and the gender of the sender/recipient of an email, so the correct salutation and closing will be used automatically.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to detect the name and the gender automatically.

Particularly in the following cases the detection may fail:

  • The sender has an very unusual name (e.g. a name that is usually a word or a name of a city like "Paris")
  • The sender has provided only a part of his name (e.g. JD instead of John Doe or J. Doe)
  • The sender has provided his name in an unusual way
  • The sender has provided only a company name, but not his first or last name

Reply Assistant knows a lot of names. Therefore it can sometimes happen that it thinks something is a name which in fact is a normal word.

What you can do when a name was not detected correctly

If a name was not correctly detected you can tell Reply Assistant what the correct name (and gender) is:

In the Reply Assistant area (left or right side) in your email window click on the salutation menu and then on "Change greeting for this person".

Now you can enter the correct name, gender and salutation form to use.

You can also define a special salutation and/or closing for the person.

If Reply Assistant did not detect the name correctly, we would be very grateful if you'd send us a copy of the email where the name was not detected correctly.

This allows us to further improve the name detection.

Please forward the email to this address:

Please enter "Reply Assistant name detection failed" as subject.

Thank you!